UNICAM had the chance to meet Davide Nestola (aka Davnesto) and talk about his amazing work as a street photographer. We even did some hands-on practice – watch the video to see how we master this task!
◾️ Presenter: Alexia Pharizat
◾️ Videojournalists: Fabienne Gnos and Emilia Miranda
◾️ Producer: Tanja Maeder

Campus Dog


The University of Fribourg is the first university in Switzerland to introduce campus dogs. We meet Gucci and Tania Guillaume to immerse into the world of our four-legged friends.
Producer: Fabienne Gnos, Janina Rageth
Presenter: Ramona Mayr
Videojournalists: Lola Guesaraoui, Jacinta Meireles


UNICAM on ice - Behind the scenes of Fribourg-Gottéron


Fribourg is a great place to study but also to play ice hockey. Have you ever watched behind the scenes of ice hockey club Fribourg-Gottéron? Wanna know what training looks like? Or the fitness room? UNICAM was able to get a special insight and could talk to three of the best players!
◾️Producers: Janina Rageth
◾️Presenter: Fabienne Gnos
◾️Videojournalists: Fabienne Werlen, Jeannine Müller, Bogdan Dedic

Late for Halloween


Late for a lecture at the university? Late for a meeting with friends? Or even too late to get ready for Halloween? And then what do you do? That's exactly how Alexia and Emilia felt last night for Halloween night! See if they still made it to the party or not. 👻🎃👻
◾️Presenter: @alex_ia33, @m_.ilia
◾️Videojournalists: @alex_ia33,@m_.ilia, @hollywia, @fabienne.gnos
◾️Producer: @bogdandedic

Life is great! - Welcome Back Video - ft. FastPass I UNICAM



Life is great ! Especially when you live in Fribourg. First video of the semester, we come back with a great tip for all students!


◾️Presenter: Janina Rageth, Ryan Rätzer

◾️Videojournalists and Producers: Janina Rageth, Bogdan Dedic, Fabienne Gnos, Ryan Rätzer




ATTENTION!! LAST VIDEO OF UNICAM! We are in a crisis! View-, Like- and Follower numbers are dropping like a student‘s attention during a lecture. UNICAM‘s last resort: go viral or go home. If you don't want that it'll be the last video: Like, Follow and give a Comment :)

#viral #challenge #howmuchdoesyouroutfitcost #tauschdichreich #students


◾️Producers: Bogdan Dedic, Janina Rageth

◾️Presenter: eldestroyante

◾️Videojournalists: Matthias Müller, Alexia Pharizat, Fabienne Gnos, eldestroyante


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