Into the Learning Lab | UNICAM

A place for projects, get togethers, robotics, workshops. A place to learn, teach, experiment and meet people. This is Learning Lab, which opened in May at the University of Fribourg. Curious? Follow Ryan in our video to find out more about the people and the idea behind Learning Lab.

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◾️Producers: Elena Schuler, Ryan Rätzer, Janina Rageth

◾️Presenter: Ryan Rätzer

◾️Videojournalists: Timothy Montavon, Bogdan Dedic


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Lorsque des chiens sauvent nos vies | UNICAM

Have you ever wondered how rescue dogs are trained? Unicam was lucky enough to be able to film a training session of the Redog, the Swiss society for Search and Rescue Dog.

Thank you to the Redog!


◾️ Producers: Alina Jud und Jeannine Müller

◾️Presenter: Tanja Maeder

◾️Videojournalists: Louis Amara , Alina Jud, Ramona Mayr, Jeannine Müller und Timothy Montavon