Foodies of Fribourg | UNICAM

Where can one have lunch for a week with 50 CHF in Fribourg? Jessica has explored town for some fresh recommendations. Will she be able to stick to her budget? [Giveaway has ended]

Délices d'Asie:



Punto Sud:



◾️Producers: Elena Schuler, Vasilije Vuksanovic

◾️Presenter: Jessica Woodtli

◾️Videojournalists: Nils Bonvin, Mirjam Gremminger, Vincent Sorba




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◾️Producers: Bogdan Dedic, Janina Rageth

◾️Presenter: eldestroyante

◾️Videojournalists: Matthias Müller, Alexia Pharizat, Fabienne Gnos, eldestroyante


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Lorsque des chiens sauvent nos vies | UNICAM

Have you ever wondered how rescue dogs are trained? Unicam was lucky enough to be able to film a training session of the Redog, the Swiss society for Search and Rescue Dog.

Thank you to the Redog!


◾️ Producers: Alina Jud und Jeannine Müller

◾️Presenter: Tanja Maeder

◾️Videojournalists: Louis Amara , Alina Jud, Ramona Mayr, Jeannine Müller und Timothy Montavon


Die Schweiz - Pionierin des Frauenstimmrechts I UNICAM

When it comes to political decisions, Switzerland is one of the fastest of its kind. Whether it's climate protection or compulsory military service, Switzerland is stringent and efficient. In one area, it is one of the pioneers par excellence: women's suffrage. Janina shows you how much Switzerland cares about women's right to have a political say.

Disclaimer: This is a mockumentary.


◾️Producers: Tim Rihner, Michael Höchner

◾️Presenter: Janina Rageth

◾️Videojournalists: Janina Rageth, Bogdan Dedic, Nathalie Wirz


The inking life of Gucci Gent I UNICAM

We visited the tattoo artist Gucci Gent in his studio in Berne. Not only did he get a tattoo on one of our video journalists, but he also told us exciting things about himself and his job as a tattoo artist. Why does he think about quitting weekly? How does he manage to be in the studio seven days a week?...

Gucci Gent:


◾️Producers: Jessica Woodtli, Zoé Stoller

◾️Videojournalists: Andrea Thäler, Jessica Woodtli, Shianne Spitzer, Zoé Stoller


(Fieber)Traum in der Aletsch Arena | UNICAM

(Fever)dreamlike views in the Aletsch Arena! Follow Robin on his.. ok, let's be honest, we have no clue what he's doing this time. Anyways, all that you have to know is that it's not a good idea to spend too much time in a cable car with him. And that kids under 20 can ski for free on Saturdays - just like you, if you're lucky enough to win one of our three daypasses for the Aletsch Arena! 😍 [Giveaway has ended]



◾️Producers: Vasilije Vuksanovic, Bogdan Dedic

◾️Presenter: Robin Fichtner

◾️Videojournalists: Janina Rageth, Elena Schuler, Robin Fichtner


FriAir Festival Fribourg I UNICAM


Did you know the Centre Fries organizes great and diverse events? UNICAM had the chance to be part of one of the events and shoot a video. Watch the aftermovie of last year's FriAir Festival and be sure to check out the current program of the Centre Fries!


◾️Producers: Timon Stalder & Jessica Woodtli

◾️Videojournalists: Timon Stalder, Jessica Woodtli, Matthias Müller, Zoé Stoller, Janina Rageth, Michael Höchner, Bogdan Dedić, Vasilije Vuksanovic


Challenge: Get away extreme! | UNICAM

Join Robin and Jessica on their journey through Switzerland with the mission to complete 6 challenges!


◾️Producers: Matthias Müller, Andrea Thäler

◾️Presenter: Robin Fichtner, Jessica Woodtli

◾️Videojournalists: Jasmin Luyten, Louis Amara, Manon Becker


Was macht eine Traumdoktorin? | UNICAM


Have you ever asked yourself what a giggle doctor is? UNICAM was allowed to accompany the two giggle doctors Dr. Stracciatella and Dr. Didou for a day.

Theodora Stiftung:


◾️Producers: Alina Jud & Andrea Thäler

◾️Presenter: Ramona Mayr

◾️Videojournalists: Bogdan Dedić, Robin Fichtner, Matthias Müller, Linus Sager ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

Swiss Fondue Festival | UNICAM

From the 17th to the 20th of November 2022, Fribourg welcomed the first edition of the Swiss Fondue Festival, an event entirely dedicated to the moitié-moitié Fondue.

UNICAM was obviously present and went discovering what it was like...


◾️Producers: Tim Rihner, Carla Sterchi & Shianne Spitzer

◾️Presenter: Tanja Maeder

◾️Videojournalists: Sylvain Cabrol, Siria Rianda & Isaiah Adusei