Swiss Fondue Festival | UNICAM

From the 17th to the 20th of November 2022, Fribourg welcomed the first edition of the Swiss Fondue Festival, an event entirely dedicated to the moitié-moitié Fondue.

UNICAM was obviously present and went discovering what it was like...


◾️Producers: Tim Rihner, Carla Sterchi & Shianne Spitzer

◾️Presenter: Tanja Maeder

◾️Videojournalists: Sylvain Cabrol, Siria Rianda & Isaiah Adusei


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Challenge di cucinare


Oggi facciamo un challenge di cucinare. I nostri participanti non sanno quale gli aspetta inizialmente... Diciamo così: sarà una sorpresa anche per voi :)


Today we're going to do a cooking challenge. Our participants don't know what they're in for... We'll put it like this: it'll also be a surprise for you :)


◾️Producers: Elena Schuler, Tim Rihner

◾️Presenter: Siria Rianda

◾️Videojournalists: Robin Fichtner, Siria Rianda, Sylvain Cabrol